Direct Vent Fireplaces Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Shipping and Delivery

The majority of all products will ship LTL freight. This requires that the items be palletized and shipped via semi-truck. This type of delivery also requires an inspection and signature at the time of delivery.

Once the shipment reaches the shipping hub nearest the destination the freight company will call to set up a delivery appointment. Upon receipt of the delivery it is the responsibility of the person signing for the products to inspect them carefully and fully. A complete and through inspection is important as this process is a transfer of liability between the recipient and the company providing the transport and delivery of the product .

Any items that ship standard small parcel (UPS, FedEx etc.) will not require a signature.

Product Availability

Product availability can vary greatly due to order configuration and time of year. If all products are in stock they will generally ship the next business day. Once you have placed an order, if there are any items that are not available, we will contact you with all of the necessary information regarding that product(s) availability.

You may also CHECK PRODUCT AVAILABILITY before placing your order.

Direct Vent Product Questions

What is a Direct Vent fireplace product?

Direct Vent gas heating products are available in many designs for varied applications, personal tastes, and price points. When installed, they are fixed (not portable) installations fueled by either natural or propane gas, determined by the primary heating fuel of the home. Direct Vent fireplace products do not require a chimney, and can be vented horizontally out a sidewall or vertically through the roof.

Direct Vent fireplaces offer a completely enclosed chamber that is highly efficient, drawing in air for combustion from the outside and expelling gasses to the outside. The front glass that encloses and seals the combustion chamber allows radiant heat to pass into the room.

Where in my home can I install a Direct Vent fireplace product?

A direct vent fireplace can be a excellent choice for rooms in which a traditional fireplace is not practical or possible. Direct Vent fireplaces are also an excellent choice for installation if Vent Free products can not be used or are prohibited. There are very few regulations regarding the BTU output of a Direct Vent fireplace and room placement within the home.

Venting  Questions

What does the venting for a Direct Vent fireplace product consist of?

The venting system of a direct vent fireplace consists of a double-walled pipe (concentric), or pipe-within-a-pipe . The inner pipe provides venting to the outside, while the outer pipe carries outside air into the fireplace. These pipes vary in size and are specific to each Direct Vent fireplace.

How do I know what venting solution I will need in order to finish my Direct Vent installation?

Each venting solution will be unique to each installation. Please refer to each individual Direct Vent fireplace units installation manual for all the possible venting solutions. With these guidelines and your project measurements you will be able to determine which venting solution will fit your needs and which venting materials will be required.

Minimum Clearances for Venting?

Pay attention and maintain the minimum clearances between the vent pipes and any wood or paper products. Don't take a chance or think that a 1/4 inch deviation will make a difference. Moving from 1 inch to 3/4 inch towards a piece of wood means you are now 25% closer. All clearances are listed in the product manuals by JBS Retail - Copyright © 2024 All Rights Reserved